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Song Hye Kyo Delights Fans with ‘Child’ Ruby, Her Gentle Smile Melts Hearts.

After her marriage with Song Joong Ki ended, Song Hye Kyo has dedicated herself to advancing her career and enjoying a fulfilling personal life with her beloved pet, Ruby. Recently, the star of “The Glory” shared new photos with her “child,” capturing the hearts of her fans.

Many fans are already familiar with Ruby, the adorable dog that Song Hye Kyo cherishes as if she were her own child. The actress often shares snapshots of their adventures together, including their international travels. Ruby has been a constant source of emotional support for Song Hye Kyo, helping her navigate through challenging times.

Song Hye Kyo began caring for Ruby after her split with Song Joong Ki. The dog has been by her side ever since, teaching her responsibility and providing daily motivation to balance her life and work. “I honestly wondered if I could take care of this puppy,” Song Hye Kyo confessed.

“I was very worried about having to leave Ruby at home while I worked. Fortunately, I have friends who help take care of her. Thanks to Ruby, my life is much happier. I used to dislike going for walks alone, but now I need to take her out every day. Ruby wakes up at 7 AM, so I’ve had to learn to get up earlier too.”

Fans of Song Hye Kyo are always delighted to see pictures of their idol with Ruby. The little dog has become a symbol of healing and happiness for the “The Glory” actress, bringing joy and comfort into her life.

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