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Song Hye Kyo Confesses Love to the Person Who Helped Her Heal After Song Joong Ki Split.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, promoting Chaumet’s latest high-end collection as their global brand ambassador. In an exclusive interview, the actress opened up about her personal life, including heartfelt remarks about her cherished dog, Ruby.

When asked about Ruby, Song Hye Kyo shared, “Initially, I was hesitant because I felt a great sense of responsibility. I questioned whether I could take care of this puppy properly. I was particularly worried about leaving Ruby alone at home while I was out working. Fortunately, I have friends who help take care of Ruby, which gave me the courage to adopt her.”

The top-tier South Korean actress also expressed deep affection for her pet: “After Ruby came into my life, I’ve gained so much. Living with her has significantly improved my mental health, and even now, I feel an abundance of positive energy. Ruby quickly bridged the gap between us, becoming an irreplaceable and eternal presence in my life.”

Fans of Song Hye Kyo are well-acquainted with her little dog Ruby. Known for treating Ruby like her own child, Song Hye Kyo often takes Ruby on international trips during long schedules. Ruby frequently accompanies the actress to film sets and social gatherings. Song Hye Kyo has often stated that Ruby is a source of emotional support, especially during challenging times.

Song Hye Kyo adopted Ruby shortly after her divorce from Song Joong Ki. As an animal lover, she described Ruby’s arrival as unexpected but fortuitous, quickly becoming her closest companion. The actress has admitted that Ruby has helped her tremendously, encouraging her to live a more structured and responsible life. From spending her free time indoors and isolated, Ruby has motivated Song Hye Kyo to go outside regularly for walks, helping her rediscover the beauty of the world around her.

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