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Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin Once ‘Crossed Paths’ at a Wedding But Displayed Completely Opposite Attitudes.

In 2009, the wedding of director Yoon Seok Ho was a star-studded event attended by many luminaries of the Korean entertainment industry, including prominent actresses Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin. Yoon Seok Ho is best known for his successful “Endless Love” series, which includes “Spring Waltz,” “Summer Scent,” “Winter Sonata,” and “Autumn in My Heart.”

Son Ye Jin captured attention at the wedding by wearing dark attire and appearing with a natural, makeup-free look. She cheerfully posed for the media, and her sweet and beautiful appearance garnered much praise.

In contrast, Song Hye Kyo arrived at the venue in a car and headed straight to the wedding hall, avoiding photo opportunities with the press. Only rear shots of Hye Kyo were available. Notably, her ex-boyfriend, Lee Byung Hun, was also a guest at the wedding, which might explain her decision to maintain a low profile.

As of now, both Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin are approaching their 50s and have achieved significant career success. However, in matters of the heart, Song Hye Kyo has faced more challenges than Son Ye Jin. Song Hye Kyo married actor Song Joong Ki in 2017, but the couple parted ways after just over a year. Since their divorce, Song Hye Kyo has remained single.

On the other hand, Son Ye Jin married Hyun Bin, another former beau of Song Hye Kyo, in early 2022. The couple welcomed their first son at the end of the same year. Since becoming a mother, Son Ye Jin has devoted most of her time to caring for her son. While there are rumors of her receiving a film offer alongside Lee Byung Hun, she has not officially confirmed her return to the screen.

The contrasting paths of Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin in both their personal and professional lives continue to captivate fans and the media alike, showcasing the unpredictable nature of life and love in the spotlight.

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