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Song Hye Kyo was criticized for being “one color”, boring in the new movie.

“Now We Are Breaking Up” is a film that marks an upcoming return for Song Hye Kyo after a two-year hiatus. It will also be Hye Kyo’s first film since her separation of Song Joong Ki in 2019.

“Now We Are Breaking Up”, Hye Kyo plays the head of the design team at an apparel company. The film also features Korean actress Jang Ki Yong, 29 years old, playing an iconic photographer.

As per reports, Hye Kyo’s initial episode that aired was the one with the highest ratings for viewers of the dramas that aired on Fridays and Saturday. But, despite the impressive numbers, Hye Kyo was noticed often by Korean media. They claimed that the actress “stomped on the spot” and had the “single-color” way of acting. Similar to Hye Kyo’s most recent show “Encounter”, “Now We Are Breaking Up” is classified as Melodrama. This isn’t surprising considering the first “Descendants of the Sun” as well as “That Winter”, Song Hye Kyo is known under the title “Queen Of Melodramas”.

In their reporting in their coverage, the Korean media wrote “She plays the same role every time, it’s boring and unchallenging for her, and it leads to a sense of dim expectation. dark for viewers”.

They also noted the fact that Song Hye Kyo has always been a character actor that have “beautiful looks and cold personality, a woman with a strong independent career who does not seek love but seduces the male lead.” with his enthralling charisma”.

It is also noted that prior to changing to “one color” as now was the case, in the beginning the course of her professional acting Hye Kyo took on a variety of roles. In the drama of 1998 “Soonpoong Clinic”, she displayed her bubbly and innocent side. In the 2000 film “Autumn in My Heart”, Hye Kyo played the charming and beautiful Eun Seo. Four years later, she played the outspoken , adorable Han Ji Eun on “Full House”. The report says that Hye Kyo was able to choose her roles once she made it to the top of the list and only picks roles that fit the mold. According to the report, even though Hye Kyo is able to play the roles with ease but they cause viewers to feel bored due to the similarity to the characters.

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