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Song Hye Kyo shares the feeling “falling in love” young Jang Ki Yong

“Now we are breaking up” is a real-life romantic drama about breaking up and love that takes place in the world of fashion. Song Hye Kyo plays Ha Young Eun, a very realistic fashion designer. Jang Ki Yong will play Yoon Jae Guk, a savvy freelance photographer who is able to bring the love of her life back to. In describing her character’s role Song Hye Kyo commented, “Young Eun is someone who wants to live freely, unaffected by personal emotions, and at the same time maintain her career. However, love eventually found her again. Even in that, she makes wise decisions and thinks sanely, to the point where I myself learned from the character while acting.”

In the meantime, Jang Ki Yong commented, “Jae Guk is full of enthusiasm and confidence and confidence, not just in his personal life, but as a professional. He’s very cool and calm even in the realm of relationships. He’s totally different from other characters I’ve played to this point, and I had a lot of anxiety about how to portray him.”

When asked the feeling of working with one another, Jang Ki Yong revealed that co-starring alongside Song Hye Kyo is like reaching a dream. “Working together with Song Hye Kyo – what can I say? It’s like a dream that seems distant. A dream I’ve only had in my head has come to fruition sooner than I anticipated, and beginning with our first meeting in drama I am awestruck. . What I am thinking about is that I have to perform well. In the event that Hye Kyo and me stand together I would like us to appear identical to Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk, not our juniors and senior colleagues.”

In regards to Jang Ki Yong, Song Hye Kyo was awed by his relaxed and friendly attitude on the set. “Perhaps because he’s an honest, happy and unflappable man. He was excellent in following my instructions up to the final moments of the film, despite many obstacles,” the actress said. “Because he’s a grown-up kid who doesn’t have to worry about pride in seeking help or asking questions about things he doesn’t know, it’s easy for me to help him.” He added, “I think Ki Yong is someone who will receive a lot of love wherever he goes.” Jang Ki Yong also shared that the directors Lee Gil Bok and Song Hye Kyo helped his work. “It’s a little bit different from other projects I’ve worked on up until now,” the director says. Well, I’m not nearly so nervous as I am usually. The director Lee Gil Bok’s soothing words is a source of tremendous power for me. He stated that if actors aren’t able to focus, or when circumstances are challenging. issues in the set can make it hard for them to focus the set, and it’s less than the director’s duty to guide the stage and give the correct direction.”

Jang Ki Yong continued, “During filming, I relied considerable on my director who identified what I did very well as well as what I did not accomplish, along with Hye Kyo. Because of that, I’m able to conquer any challenge.” When asked about her personal experiences during shooting, Song Hye Kyo humbly admitted, “As always, this time acting was very challenging. While I was younger I would think”As I grow older, my acting will become easier and more effortless:. But I overlooked an important fact that the roles I perform will change as I age.”

“When you are young, there are roles that only people of that age can play,” she added, “and as time went forward, the characters I was required to play were more wrinkled and deeper. more complex”.

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