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Suspected Son Ye Jin is pregnant with the first child with Hyun Bin.

After being “discovered” by Dispatch earlier this year, there were many rumors that Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin would get married soon. There are even rumors that the two actors have sold their house in Seoul and moved to live in a hundred billion penthouse in Guri, Gyeonggi. And most recently, there are even rumors that Son Ye Jin is… pregnant due to the actress’s strange face in new images.

In this series of photos, Son Ye Jin’s face suddenly became full, her lips were also abnormally swollen, different from her usual gentle and elegant beauty. This made people wonder what happened to the beauty of the “beautiful sister”, even sparking rumors that the actress was pregnant, so she gained weight. A few days ago, Son Ye Jin also appeared with a loose dress that hides the shape of a maternity dress, making people even more suspicious. However, there are also many opinions that the makeup or photoshop has “dipped” the beauty of Son Ye Jin and made her face different. And in the end, the girl in a loose skirt is the actress’ stylist, because her face and body are similar to “beautiful sister” that has made netizens “lucky”.

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