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The female lead Hospital Playlist 2 was suddenly criticized for her acting.

Hospital Playlist 2 is probably the hottest movie title at the moment. Because, every move, from the film’s development to the actor, is eagerly awaited by the audience. In recent days, Hospital Playlist 2 has received many mixed opinions from the audience, most of which believe that the content of season two does not meet the audience’s expectations.

Recently, Korean netizens are also arguing about the acting of Gyeo Wool (Shin Hyun Bin). The highlight is in episode 10 of Hospital Playlist 2, there are many touching scenes about Gyeo Wool’s family background. But instead of heartbreak, this character showed a cold, unchanging emotion. Others think that maybe because of psychological trauma, Gyeo Wool has a cold and closed personality. However, most viewers agree that Shin Hyun Bin’s crying scene is also quite awkward and strange.

Netizens’ comments:

– The lines really suit the character’s emotions, but I’m not very happy with her mouth and expression. In season 1, I really liked her acting, except for the last confession scene, which was a bit exaggerated and awkward. So sorry.

– She suddenly went to Hospital Playlist 2 and she became strange. Eyes wide open and mouth gaping open, like a child.

-I can’t feel her acting, it’s kind of boring so I don’t think I’m sucked into the character.

-I think her acting is the most unstable in the cast of Hospital Playlist 2.

– Oh my god, the scene of crying and hugging her boyfriend looks fake!

– Got the best loveline, but part 1 didn’t absorb her acting, just watched it fast forward.

– Hey, how’s everyone doing? I think the acting is good, are people being too strict with Hospital Playlist 2?

– In my opinion, the other scenes are okay, but the crying scene is really boring.

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