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Top 7 Korean Actresses Are Criticized For Bad Acting

Several famous Korean actresses have successfully portrayed characters beautifully and received praise from Korean netizens. However, there are also famous Korean actresses who are criticized for misbehaving. Korean netizens judged that they failed to captivate the audience through their role. Then, who do Korean netizens label the famous Korean actresses as misbehaving?
1. Song Hye Kyo

As the highest-paid actress, Song Hye Kyo’s comeback this year was labeled a disappointment by Korean netizens in the Korean drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. In terms of ratings, the Korean drama has continued to increase since the appearance of Sehun ‘EXO’, but netizens think that the rating, for Now, We Are Breaking Up is still lower than most weekend dramas that air on SBS.

Many Korean viewers criticized Song Hye Kyo’s acting skills in Now, We Are Breaking Up, especially her French scene with a fashion designer who looks stiff. In addition, they also criticized the character played by the A-class actress not much different from Song Hye Kyo’s previous role.
2. Han So Hee.
Stealing attention through her role in The World of Married, Han So Hee took on a challenging role as Yoo Na Bi’s art student. Although the storyline is quite relatable to everyday life, Han So Hee’s acting in the drama sparked debate among netizens.

One of them, Yoo Na Bi’s emotional scene in the first episode. Korean netizens liken Han So Hee’s emotional acting in Nevertheless, not much different from her previous role.

Han So Hee’s lousy acting is one of the reasons for achieving unsatisfactory ratings in South Korea. However, he managed to reverse netizens’ criticism when he showed his acting quality in the Netflix series, My Name.
3. Park Shin Hye
Acting since childhood, Park Shin Hye often gives a deep impression on the characters she plays in a South Korean drama, one of which is The Heirs and Pinnochio. However, something different happened when he played Kang Seo Hae’s character in Sisyphus: The Myth (2021).

Many Korean netizens think that Park Shin Hye’s facial expression when acting is still the same as before, which looks awkward. They also considered that Sisyphus: The Myth was one of Park Shin Hye’s Korean dramas with the worst acting this year. However, international netizens have different opinions from Korean netizens regarding Park Shin Hye’s acting in the drama.
4. Hyeri
With great success with the role of Deok Sun in Reply 1988, Hyeri’s popularity rose sharply, and she starred in several Korean dramas. Lastly, he co-starred with Jang Ki Yong in a Korean drama. My Roommate is A Gumiho (2021).

However, many Korean netizens did not like Hyeri’s acting in the drama. Hyeri is considered unsuitable for playing the character of Gumiho named Lee Dam. They also saw that Hyeri still hasn’t escaped from ‘Deok Sun’s shadow.’ In addition, Hyeri was also criticized for being unprofessional during a script reading meeting for the Korean drama. My Roommate is A Gumiho (2021).

5. Shin Se Kyung
Before making an impressive appearance in Run On, Shin Se Kyung was known by the nickname ‘Stiff Shin’ by many netizens due to her poor and clumsy acting. Despite often getting the lead role in a drama, netizens saw Shin Se Kyung couldn’t display an intense expression.

She can only show one expression that looks tired and lacks enthusiasm for his role in the drama, such as Shin Se Kyung’s character in Bride of The Water God, which disappointed Korean netizens because their expectations were far away. Her charming visuals suggested that Shin Se Kyung switch professions from actress model.
6. Goo Hye Sun
Famous throughout Asia, thanks to the hit drama Boys Over Flowers, Goo Hye Sun is rated as an actress with bad acting due to the lack of increased expression in her roles in Korean dramas over the years.

Netizens also saw that Goo Hye Sun had never starred in another work as popular as the previous drama. They also doubted Goo Hye Sun’s next acting if she returned to the small screen. Netizens dubbed him as a ‘rating poison,’ which caused a Korean drama he starred to get an unsatisfactory rating.
7. Lee Yeon Hee
The artist made by SM Entertainment is one of the actresses most often criticized by netizens throughout her career. Lee Yeon Hee has starred in several famous Korean dramas, including The Game: Towards Zero with Ok Taecyeon ‘ 2 PM’.

Unfortunately, it is rare for a Korean drama he has played to get praise or positive reception from netizens. Instead, Korean netizens asked Lee Yeon Hee to retire early from the actress because her actions did not improve. Many Korean netizens think that the acting of K-pop idols is better than Lee Yeon Hee.

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