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Why doesn't BLACKPINK have a leader: "year-round civil war" also comes from here? - Toplistkdrama
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Why doesn’t BLACKPINK have a leader: “year-round civil war” also comes from here?

If we were to choose one fandom that is the most disunity in Kpop, then most probably would call the fandom of BLACKPINK. Even though the 4 members are close like sisters, the YG girls’ fandom is in a state of civil war all year round.

With many groups, fan groups (fans love all group members) account for an overwhelming number; fans only or algae do not dare to “ho he,” BLACKPINK is the opposite. The number of individual fans of each BLACKPINK member is large and very noisy, often overwhelming the OT4 fan group, creating tiresome controversies that never end.
On the Chinese forum Zhihu, netizens believe that the internal turmoil of the BLACKPINK fandom is partly because the group does not have a leader. If BLACKPINK had a leader who connects and represents the group’s image, the fandom could be much more moderate. The fact that all 4 members of BLACKPINK are in the same position, are independent, and do not have a “leader” to lead, the easier it is to “spark” controversies, comparisons, and races for the achievements of the fan club only.

So the question here is: why doesn’t BLACKPINK have a leader? During the group’s debut, YG explained that because the members were all around the same age, they were all trainees for a long time. Therefore, it will be better when the roles of the 4 members are equal. On a show in 2020, BLACKPINK also explained that each person has their duties, so the leader position being “vacant” has no effect.

However, Chinese netizens believe that BLACKPINK has no leader because no one has outstanding leadership qualities. Agree that Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé are all shining and talented, but to choose one person worthy of being the leader of BLACKPINK, no one is “fit” to shoulder the burden?
1. Jisoo
In terms of age, Jisoo is the most suitable leader candidate. Korean nationality and an extended internship at YG are also advantageous for Jisoo. In terms of personality, Jisoo also scores points for her maturity, often taking care of the members, her communication charm, and her ability to speak up when participating in entertainment shows. Overall, Jisoo has a high sense of responsibility and high emotional intelligence. With a disciplined and dedicated person like Jisoo, BLACKPINK’s image will be perfect.
However, netizens believe that Jisoo cannot take on the role of leader of BLACKPINK because her professional skills are not convincing enough. In terms of vocals or choreography, Jisoo is not the most prominent group member. The second reason is that Jisoo is not as assertive as Jennie when deciding on behalf of the group or when the group has a problem that needs to be discussed with the company. In BLACKPINK House, Jisoo once revealed that she fears choosing or worries when deciding something.
2. Jennie
Before BLACKPINK debuted, there were rumors that Jennie would be the leader of YG’s female rookie project. Many fans also “default” Jennie as the “unofficial leader” of BLACKPINK when she possesses the most “YG” quality in the group. As a rapper with a unique temperament, attractive performance style, and unique personality of YG artists, Jennie is said to be the most suitable person to hold the role of BLACKPINK’s leader.

However, the fact that YG did not assign Jennie the group leader is said to be quite reasonable. In contrast to Jisoo, the feature that makes it difficult for Jennie to take on a big responsibility is her personality. Jennie has independence and determination but is relatively straightforward and has an “erratic” mentality. She doesn’t know how to keep a peaceful atmosphere, easily offending others because of her “sad and happy” expression. It is also tricky for Jennie to be the group leader because a true leader can sacrifice herself for the group. At the same time, she possesses a strong personality, preferring freedom in her private life.
In addition, Jennie is also not as “mighty” as the leaders of YG because she holds the position of a rapper but is inferior to her senior in terms of composing ability. Jennie’s fans have always believed that the female idol can be a leader more than anyone else in BLACKPINK. However, YG certainly understands Jennie better than anyone and has made this decision after careful consideration.
2. Lisa and Rose
Lisa and Rosé are not suitable options as the leader of BLACKPINK. Both girls do not have Korean nationality and are the youngest group. Despite possessing talent and strong attraction on stage, the couple Lisa – Rosé is relatively quiet and quiet in real life. Lisa is also not as fluent in Korean as the other members, so it is difficult for her to communicate and speak.
In short, a team leader is a person who must have a sense of responsibility, an inevitable sacrifice, and good psychological courage. The leader of the YG group needs to possess outstanding leadership qualities, a unique personality, the “absolute domination” of an ace like the tradition of BIGBANG, iKON, 2NE1… Because no one in BLACKPINK Has met all these factors, YG has decided that the group has no leader.
Of course, the fact that BLACKPINK does not have a leader does not affect the success and career of the girls much. Many people think that it is because of the characteristic of “four equivalent pieces” that make BLACKPINK’s identity. The group flexibly divides the roles of each person, and no one is too faint or inferior to other members. Although the fandom situation is a bit messy and tiring, it cannot be denied that the development of the fan only and age groups has extensively promoted achievement development, raising BLACKPINK’s record everyday year. Comeback.

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