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“8 Months Pregnant” Park Eun-ji ” Husband Blind date, long-distance dating we got married after only 6 months ago”

In the episode of September 27th of SBS”Same Bed Other Dreams, Season 2, You Are My Destiny’ Special Park Eun-ji, MC broadcaster, appeared.

Today’s show Park Eun-ji starred in her 4th year of marriage, eight months pregnant. Seo Jang-hoon stated, “I had two pregnant women for the first time on “Dongsang Imong”.” Park Eun-ji’s pregnancy is currently 8 months pregnant, while Lee Ji-hye’s pregnancy is 7 months pregnant.

Park Eun-ji explains the reason they got married after just six months of dating “Some people have claimed they were expecting me, however I was not. A friend’s boyfriend told him that he was a good fit with his family members. I’m Korean-American, however I’m currently on a business trip to Japan If you want to contact me, I’ll be happy to visit you. It was right away, I didn’t expect anything however it was perfectly. It was near the ideal. It’s like an old solid Oppas. In the past, I was feeling like I was a Loco.”

Park Eun-ji stated, “My husband went on an uninitiated date just two days after. I got to know him and loved it , so I continued to watch the show, but it was a long distance relationship. I watch it every two months or per month. It appears to have come to an end since I am in love with him.”

Park Eun-ji added, “Since I’m in the US those who speak aren’t as able. One thing my husband was a fan of was the ease of speaking what he needed to say. If you’re talking a lot like me, wouldn’t you find yourself bumping into one the other? It’s completely opposite to me. On weekends, it’s an approach that talks from the morning until night. Our husband has a listener but at some point , he’s watching my tale.” He asked, “Are you listening?”

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