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Lovers of the Red Sky EP8: Triangle relationship begins in earnest

In the SBS “Hongcheongi” show on the 27th of July, an entanglement triangle between Haram (Ahn Hyo-seop) Haram, Hong Cheon-ki (Kim Yoo-jeong) as well as Lee Yul (Gongmyeong) was created.

On the day of this incident, Lee Yul asked Haram about her connection to Hong Chun-ki. In response, Haram asked, “When I took Maejukheon’s list at the time of the Hong Chemical Industry, I thought it was appropriate to ask as the relationship I had to Daegun Mama was unusual.” This isn’t like the sign.” He waved his hands.

“Are you still there?” Haram asks again and again, and he cries in shame. “What do I mean by that? However well you wrap the incense around it won’t travel for thousands of miles. My daughter is interested in becoming an engineer of chemicals.”

At first, Lee Yul felt compassion for Hong Cheon-gi, when she saw Hong Eun Ho, who performed over and over again “Demon King”. Today, “In this world. There are artists who convey a strange sensation even while drawing the same image. Lee Yul, who raised Hong Cheon-gi said, “Would you like to apply that talent to myself and for the nation? In Gohwawon.” Gohwawon,” he added.

Hong Chun-ki attempted to deny admission to Gohwawon based on the concerns of Hong Eun-ho however, Lee Yul said, “I will investigate this. That means that I’ll take care of the father of Hong Hwa-won.” To discover the reality behind Hong Eun-ho’s deceit on the Gohwawon. In addition, Lee Yul-eun and Hong Eunho helped save Cheongshimwon before they could do anything else. In that moment Hong Chun-ki flashed a smile that was bright.

On the same day, Hong Chun Ki, who left the home with Choi Won-ho (Kim Kwang-gyu) take-off, went to Haram before going to the Gohwawon.

At the time of this meeting Hong Chun-ki stated, “I wanted to say sorry to the scholar. Through the wisdom of the scholar I created a manor within the garden of flowers.” Haram said, “You employed 300 rice in one photo. I regret it now that Grand Admiral Joohyang Na-ri stated that the father was being accused of his deeds. I’m not sure I want to leave like the painting of a piece,” he confessed his real thoughts.

However, Haram told Haram, “We just did what we needed to do. Since the first time I took part I made the decision to purchase quality artwork. And when I do open my eyes in the future I’ll definitely look at that painting. It’s not only for Nangja and her father, so don’t fret about it now.”

Hong Chun-ki who was wounded, said “How do you store many things within your heart? I was thinking that when my friend grown up, he’d look like the scholar I knew however, I was wrong. If the boy isn’t willing to be recognized, I’ll guard him.”

It was only afterward when Haram was aware that his behavior had been unjust however he was one step further behind. Lee Yul covered Hong Chin-gi with a wet cloth and then gave her the same. Hong Chun-ki was asked, “How are you so kind for me?”, “It hurts. When I look at your face, my heart breaks.”

Then, at the end of the play is a photograph of Haram standing before him and clearly declaring, “I’m sorry, but the commander, the agreement with me first came first” which signals the beginning of a complete love triangle.

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