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‘Hongcheongi’ Gong Myung, Kim Yoo-jung carry “My heart hurts when I see you” Ahn Hyo-seop Jealousy

In the 7th episode SBS the Monday-Tuesday drama “Hongcheongi,” which shown on the 27th of September (played by Ha-eun and directed by Jang Taeyu) Dae-gun Yang (Gongmyeong) expressed his love towards Hong Cheon-gi (played by Kim Yoo-jung).
Hong Cheon-ki (Kim Yoo-jeong) has a manor in the Maejukheon painting society. She then offers the work to Haram (Ahn Hyo-seop) for 300 square. The truth is that Hong Eun-oh sensed the influence of demon-king the Grand Prince Joo Hyang (Kwak Si-yang) and then performed an abrupt gesture of throwing the brush. Joo Hyang’s anger shifted to Hong Chun-gi.

As the Grand Army Yang Myung (Gong Myung) tried intervening the situation, grand army Joo Hyang became more furious and demanded that Hong Chun Ki to pay for his father’s crime for his benefit. In reply, Haram offered to donate 300 rice stones that he had offered to purchase Hong Cheon-gi’s work to Joohyang. Haram was asked, “When Grand Army Joo Hyang inquired “Would you consider offering something to this painter?” Haram replied, “What would you like to offer? I’ll offer anything to compensate for my insanity.”

Then The Grand Prince Joo Hyang pushed Kim Gong-rye who had given the information to Seong-jo, his father (Jo Seong-ha) off the cliff. Haram told him, “Father, I will pay back the same mistake that they committed on my behalf to the father of my child.” Haram planned to retaliate against Chae Gook Hee).

Seongjo was aware that Hong Cheongi who was the occupant of the manor of the Maejukheon Flower House, was the daughter of the godlike Chemist Hong Eun-oh. Seongjo attempted to convince him to participate in the restoration of Yeongjong’s females. But Hong Chun-ki was unable to be admitted into the Gohwawon because he was unable to give up his father Hong Eun Oh. To get Hong Eun-oh’s medicines 300 rice stones are required.

In the aftermath to this, Great Prince Yang Myung visited Hong Cheon-gi and told him, “After seeing that phrase when I was a kid it was difficult for me to get my head back on track for a time. It was difficult to be me. I, too, who just gazed at the painting was like that. But what do you think of Hong Hwa-gong’s father who was the one who sketched the painting? What’s your status? What are you doing? Why don’t go to the Gohwawon to find out the truth about me?” He persuaded Hong Eun Oh to take her medication too.

Hong Chun-ki shifted his attention to Yang Myung Gun’s suggestion of his dad, Eun-oh Hong could have had a mental breakdown in drawing eoyongs. He also received the medicinal gift. When Hong Chun-ki made the decision to go to the Gohwawon Choi Won Ho (Kim Gwang-gyu) returned the drawing he’d made previously to the Grand Prince Yang Myeong to present as a gift and Hong Chun-ki was able to meet Sam-sin (Moon Sook) while he was on his way to the Yangmyeong Daegun, carrying the drawing.

Samsin put a spell on the painting and Hong Chun-ki walked along the same path as the painting, and then went to Haram’s residence. Hong Chun-ki said “I wanted to thank you for your kindness and apologize for the scholar. Thanks to the kindness from the professor, I constructed an estate and helped my father save his life. My mistake. He doesn’t wish for his son to know who he is. Therefore, I don’t know the situation but I’ll be there to ensure your safety.”

Hong Chun-ki walked out of the painting, and Haram was looking for the Hong-Chun-ki. When it began to pour grand prince Yang Myung found a Hongcheon flag, which was struck by downpour and carried. When Hong Cheon-ki inquired, “How are you doing this to me?”, Grand Army Yang responded, “It hurts my heart simply watching the way you treat me.” Haram, who stood in front of these two people, said “I’m sorry. Prince. The contract I signed with me came in the first place,” the prince said.

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