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BTS reveals best friend, ARMY is shocked that it’s not me.

BTS recently participated in Wired’s Autocomplete Interview, in which they answered the most searched questions about the group online.

One of the questions included: “Who is BTS’s best friend?” with the answer that every ARMY seems to know. But sometimes, life is not like a dream!

Most fandoms expect to hear the group say in unison, “ARMY”. Previously, in an interview with Weverse Magazine, V once said that fans are his best friends.
If not ARMY, who could it be? BTS is clearly each other’s best friends.

However, this answer is also wrong. Above all, V replied: “Ed Sheerand”. BTS has collaborated with Sheeran on two songs, Make It Right and Permission To Dance, but they have never met in person!

J-Hope added: “Halsey!” While Suga featured in Halsey’s Suga’s Interlude, she also featured in BTS’s Boy With Luv. Obviously, they’re not just collaborators.
Halsey and BTS meet each other whenever they are in Korea or America. She also gave the group friendship bracelets!
Many ARMYs are extremely shocked by BTS’s answer. They are competing to express their “pain” online:
– Like, sorry, correct if we’re wrong, but did RM say, “Got Halsey and Ed Sheeran right behind us when we say so” in Butter? Obviously not! He said “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so”. Then why the sudden change?

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