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Huge cost for LISA BLACKPINK’s solo outfit.

We have to admit that Lisa (and YG) are still very neat when it comes to Lisa’s image. They allow her to change with various styles from hip-hop, office, or sweets. It is enough. Lisa is a beautiful woman with a perfect body shape and perfect 1:9 ratio. She shines in every outfit.

Lisa wears 14 outfits that have a temporary value of over 100,000 USD throughout the MV. This is because there are four sets of Haute Couture and one custom-made set in the LISA MV. If the company announces the price for the outfits, it will not be lower than $100,000.

Rose was also a star before her friend. She had an impressive debut, and fans were able to see another side to herself. On The Ground allows viewers to not only marvel at Rose’s beauty but also enjoy the many feminine, flying costumes she wears. Rose wore only 8 outfits but the investment was substantial. The total cost of Rose’s outfits was over 150,000 USD.

Jennie was the BLACKPINK debutant, but that didn’t mean she was a fan favorite. Instead, fans poured a lot of criticisms and sarcasm on her. People claim that YG is biased against Jennie. Despite the criticisms, Jennie’s SOLO won over viewers in both sight and hearing. 22 was the total number Jennie wore in her first MV. Some of these outfits were only for a few seconds, but they still made an impact.

Jennie’s 22 outfits are worth approximately 50,000 USD. This is less than the value of her sisters. Jennie proves that you don’t have to wear expensive clothes. You might be skeptical, but you can watch SOLO again to see if it inspires you.

Now that 3/4 of BLACKPINK members have started solo projects, Jisoo, the oldest sister, is still left. I don’t know how Jisoo or YG will host a grand costume party the next time they meet.

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