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Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin continuously received great news after rumors of having a child together

Earlier this year, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were the couple that started the good news of dating. Since then, the information about the star couple has been continuously expected by the people. Both have turned 40 years old, so going back to the same house is something that people are extremely looking forward to.
Recently, more and more information revolved around the couple when Korean media said that the two were preparing for the wedding. Son Ye Jin was also suspected of being pregnant with Hyun Bin’s first child, causing people to stir.

In the midst of dozens of information released, recently, the star couple continues to receive good news. Specifically, recently, Google Korea has announced the top 10 most searched male and female actors in the first half of 2021.

Notably, the couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are on this list. Hyun Bin ranked in the top 3 of searches even though there was no new product for more than a year and a half. After playing Landing on You, the actor’s name is still constantly being warmed up, advertising shows thanks to Son Ye Jin’s dating news.
As for Son Ye Jin, she was in the top 6. It can be said that, since she publicly had a boyfriend, “the nation’s first love” has been closely watched every move. Currently, she is also preparing to film a new movie “39”, so the popularity of her name is constantly increasing.
Meanwhile, the top 1 Google in Korea belongs to actress Seo Ye Ji after the scandal of manipulating her boyfriend to behave rudely with female colleagues. Unfortunately for the beautiful beauties, when the name is in bloom, it is entangled in the noise that destroys her career. Top 1 hottest actor belongs to Song Joong Ki after he broke the small screen with the role of mafia lawyer in the movie Vincenzo.
Unfortunately, in the top 10 most searched actors and actresses, Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife – Song Hye Kyo and handsome male god Lee Min Ho are absent. It can be said that this year Lee Min Ho has no new movie project, and Song Hye Kyo has just returned to work after nearly 2 years of post-divorce hiatus.

Top 10 most searched actresses on Google Korea

1. Seo Ye Ji

2. Han So Hee

3. Youn Yuh Jung

4. Jeon Ji Hyun

5. Lee Ji Ah

6. Son Ye Jin

7. Kim So Yeon
8. Kim Tae Hee

9. Jeon Yeo Bin

10. Kim Go Eun

Top 10 most searched actors on Google Korea

1. Song Joong Ki

2. Song Kang

3. Hyun Bin

4. Park Seo Joon

5. Park Bo Gum

6. Kim Soo Hyun

7. Kim Seon Ho

8. Yoo Ah In

9. Gong Yoo

10. Kim Do Hyun

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