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Kim Soo Hyun is currently making headlines in the kadama world for all the right reasons, thanks to his successful Netflix drama “Queen of Tears.” This captivating series has not only brought him critical acclaim but also helped him amass a massive following. Fans from all over Asia are thrilled about his first fan meet tour across the continent in ten years, aptly titled “Eyes on You.” The tour has sparked a wave of excitement, starting with a sensational kickoff event in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event has been nothing short of spectacular, with fans particularly praising Kim Ji Won’s performances. A highlight of the evening was his heartfelt rendition of the OST “Love You with All My Heart,” originally performed by Kim Soo Hyun himself. The tour, organized by his agency Gold Medalist, has meticulously planned stops across various cities, much to the delight of his dedicated fans.

During one of the events, Kim Soo Hyun expressed a deep connection to Frankfurt, Germany. He reminisced about the important scenes filmed there for “Queen of Tears” and shared a touching moment when he found their love lock, a symbol of enduring love. This love lock became a poignant metaphor for his on-screen and real-life relationship with his co-star Kim Ji Won. Fans were taken by surprise and filled with joy when he mentioned Kim Ji Won, solidifying their admiration for the on-screen couple.

Kim Soo Hyun took a moment to address his fans directly, thanking them for their unwavering support and love. He promised to continue delivering strong performances in his future projects, aiming to bring joy and happiness to all his supporters. His heartfelt message emphasized the importance of taking care of one another and staying positive.

“I hope everyone who has been here today will be happy, and above all, please take good care of Kim Soo Hyun in the future,” he concluded, hinting at significant changes on the horizon. This statement has left fans speculating about what the future holds for the beloved actor.

Kim Soo Hyun’s “Eyes on You” tour marks a significant milestone in his career, celebrating his return to the spotlight and reaffirming his status as one of Asia’s most cherished stars. With his charismatic presence and genuine connection with fans, Kim Soo Hyun continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

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