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Hyun Bin shares unusual details about his girlfriend Son Ye Jin

Public love is showing great affection for Hyun Bin Jin and Son Ye Jin. People have been noticing every move of the couple since they made public their relationship. The couple is expected to marry soon, according to reports. Son Ye Jin has been rumored even to be having a baby with Hyun bin

Hyun Bin made waves recently when he was found wearing old clothes to an event amid rumors. People noticed an unusual detail in the suit that Hyun Bin wore 2 years ago when he was visiting his girlfriend Son Ye Jin. Fans are even more excited about this because it’s like a declaration to sovereignty and recalls the wonderful memories between the stars.

Another thing to note is that Hyun Bin has changed his habit of wearing shoes and socks. Fans were often reminded of Hyun Bun’s untidy and unsophisticated clothes when he didn’t have a girlfriend. But now that he does have a lover, they are a marked improvement.

Fans were excited by Son Ye Jin’s positive action and supported the couple’s love story. This is the couple that came together after Song Hye Kyo’s love story with Song Joong Ki and has received so much support from the public.

Although rumors circulating on social media that the couple are about to marry and become pregnant are widespread, the company quickly denied them. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are still working on their projects.

Hyun Bin is currently filming Confidential Assignment, an action movie. Son Ye Jin must also complete project 39. Both films featuring the star couple will air in 2022.

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