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Hyun Bin's Close Watch Over Wife Son Ye Jin's Activities Revealed. - Toplistkdrama
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Hyun Bin’s Close Watch Over Wife Son Ye Jin’s Activities Revealed.

In a recent development, Son Ye Jin was spotted touching down at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan, gearing up to attend an event for a brand she represents.

Since tying the knot, welcoming a child, and embracing motherhood, Son Ye Jin has been rarely seen making public appearances in front of the media. Her outings for international events have also been quite scarce.

Appearing at the airport, Son Ye Jin opted for a simple and comfortable attire, donning a casual t-shirt paired with a mid-length cardigan and dynamic jeans. Welcomed warmly by the crowd, Son Ye Jin continuously flashed her smile and waved to her fans.

Netizens also keenly noticed a particular detail related to Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin’s husband. Specifically, it was the tall, sturdy male bodyguard who closely accompanied Son Ye Jin. Many netizens pointed out the striking resemblance between this bodyguard and the one who always sticks by Hyun Bin’s side at every event. Some even joked that although not physically present with his wife on her business trip, Hyun Bin can rest assured knowing that his trusted male bodyguard is keeping a close watch over Son Ye Jin.

During the early stages of their relationship, this male bodyguard was also seen accompanying Son Ye Jin when she went out for advertising shoots. This was also the time when Hyun Bin had to travel abroad for filming purposes.

The close attention Hyun Bin pays to his wife’s activities not only reflects his protective nature but also underscores the strength of their bond, even in the midst of their respective professional commitments.

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