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Jennie (BLACKPINK) posted a clip of Justin Bieber’s hit dance, shyly sent a message to fans.

On September 5, Jennie (BLACKPINK) posted a clip dancing to Justin Bieber’s song Peaches with dancer Silvergun on Instagram. She posted with a message to fans: “This is a video that we can’t post on YouTube.

Bài viết do JENNIE KIM 🌼 (@jensetters.home) chia sẻ

“>This is my first day studying this lesson so I made a lot of mistakes, but it was also a very happy time for her. Eun Chong so I still upload it even though I’m shy. Are you ready for the next part? This is the kind of choreography I tried for the first time so it looks a bit awkward, so I can’t post it on YouTube. Next time I’ll prepare really. carefully and then post it. Everyone is watching for entertainment.”
It is known that Jennie has always been a perfectionist at work, which must be the most perfect thing a female idol wants to bring to fans. It turns out that this time, the original reason SOLO singer shared a video of her first, incomplete dance on social networks was because she wanted to save a beautiful time with her close sister. The female idol did not forget to send a message to fans when she had the opportunity to show everyone better dance videos.
After watching the clip, fans did not blame Jennie but also praised her:
– Jennie is so good, she fell like this on the first day of practice.
– Watch entertainment that I have watched more than a dozen times.
– Jennie is cute, she dances well, she is very flexible.
– Jennie always has a soft feeling when dancing.

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