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Hottest Kpop female idols on YouTube: Lisa, Jennie (Blackpink) overwhelm IU

Blackpink is a 4-member group, in which the 3 girls of the group, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé all have their own YouTube channels. Interestingly, their channels are all in the top 5 most-watched female idols.

Specifically, the top 5 most popular Kpop female idol YouTube channels include:

1. Lisa: 8.13 million followers.

Previously, Lisa set a record for becoming the most followed female K-pop idol when she reached 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Lisa’s YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, was established on October 25, 2018, after nearly 3 years, it has received more than 322 million views with only 13 videos.

2. Jennie: 6.78 million followers.

Jennie’s YouTube channel Jennierubyjane Official reached the top 2 when collecting nearly 7 million followers.

Previously, the female idol reached 5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel in just 3 weeks even though she only posted 1 video.

Currently, Jennie only posted a total of 4 videos and reached 59 million views.

3. IU: 6.71 million followers.

IU’s YouTube channel established on February 13, 2017, currently has 6.71 million subscribers, earning more than 961 million views with only 125 videos.

Despite having high video views, surpassing Blackpink’s own channel, IU only ranked 3rd.

4. Solar (MAMAMOO): 3.3 million followers.

Solar is the powerful leader of the girl group MAMAMOO. The female idol possesses good singing and dancing skills, so she attracts many fans.

Isolated her own YouTube channel on January 24, 2019, has now collected more than 204 million views and more than 3.3 million subscribers for 251 videos.

5. Rosé: 3.02 million followers.

Rosé has only posted 3 videos but has also earned more than 3 million subscribers and more than 12 million views.

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