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jisoo reveals the never-before-told story of Lisa in America.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is always associated with a personality and extremely luxurious image. As a global superstar, many people think that Lisa will have a certain pride and arrogance. However, in real life, the youngest member of BLACKPINK has a completely different personality from the rumors. It was the eldest sister, Jisoo, who revealed this to fans.

In the livestream celebrating the 5th debut anniversary, Jisoo told a small story that happened during the trip to America with Lisa. At that time, 2 female idols were walking when a stranger suddenly looked at them and said “Hello”. While Jisoo was still surprised, Lisa quickly replied “Hello”. The youngest sister’s carefree action surprised the eldest sister.
Then, Jisoo asked Lisa, “Do you know that person?” and Lisa calmly replied “No”. Not only stopping at greetings, Lisa and the stranger even got along well, high-fived each other happily. This surprised Jisoo: “How can she be so close to a stranger on the street even though she doesn’t know who he is?”. Even Jennie has to admit that only Lisa can do that.
Just a small story but it is enough to see that Lisa is an extremely friendly and approachable person. Although she can ignore the greetings of strangers, Lisa chooses to respond, even interacting happily enough to make fans extremely proud. Lisa’s story is currently being shared on many forums and is receiving positive responses from netizens.

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