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Jung Hae In and Jung So Min’s Upcoming Drama Confirms Supporting Cast.

tvN’s latest drama “Mom’s Friend’s Son” has revealed its star-studded supporting cast!

Joining Jung Hae In, Jung So Min, and Kim Ji Eun, who were previously announced, are Yoon Ji On, Park Ji Young, Jo Han Chul, Jang Young Nam, Lee Seung Joon, Kim Geum Soon, Han Ye Joo, Jeon Suk Ho, N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub, and Shim So Young.

“Mom’s Friend’s Son” follows the story of Bae Seok Ryu (played by Jung So Min), a woman seeking to restart her life, and Choi Seung Hyo (played by Jung Hae In), her mom’s friend’s son who represents a dark chapter in her past. Directed by Yoo Je Won and written by Shin Ha Eun, known for “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” the drama promises to be a delightful rom-com.

Jung So Min portrays Bae Seok Ryu, while Jung Hae In takes on the role of Choi Seung Hyo, the architect and Seok Ryu’s perceived blemish on her life. Kim Ji Eun plays Jung Mo Eum, their lively childhood friend, with Yoon Ji On as Kang Dan Ho, a truth-seeking reporter.

Other notable cast members include Park Ji Young as Seok Ryu’s mother, Jo Han Chul as her father, Jang Young Nam as Seung Hyo’s mother, and Lee Seung Joon as his father. The ensemble promises to bring to life the warmth and chaos of a vibrant neighborhood romance.

With its captivating blend of love, friendship, and family dynamics set in the cozy neighborhood of Hyereung, “Mom’s Friend’s Son” is sure to keep viewers eagerly anticipating each episode.

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