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Netizens were shocked when they admired the photos that Song Hye Kyo personally posted on her personal page.

Yesterday (July 26), Song Hye Kyo made people feverish with her beautiful appearance at the opening event of the high-end fashion store Fendi. Already 40 years old, but Song Hye Kyo is still beautiful beyond time, showing off her slim legs, super small waist that thousands of girls desire.
And today (July 27), the owner has “discharged” a series of beautiful new photos from this event, immediately causing a stir on the Social Network. This time, the great beauty no longer focused on showing off her beautiful legs, instead she posted a photo showing off her eye-catching ant waist, and especially a sweet, incredibly youthful close-up. As a wall of beauty, the beauty of Descendants of the Sun is so beautiful that it exudes a luxurious and elegant aura that is hard to match. Many viewers have called Song Hye Kyo the most beautiful beauty in Korea with the “unwinding” beauty of this age hack.
In a series of new photos posted on her personal page, Song Hye Kyo shows that she is not only beautiful, sweet and gentle, but can completely change her demeanor and pose to become sharp and attractive like this.

Already 40 years old, but Song Hye Kyo has not lost her visual form at all, even her beauty is getting better and better. The actress’s braided hair is even better than when she acted in the movie Happy House 15 years ago.
The elegant, luxurious and sweet femininity makes Song Hye Kyo the wall of the Korean screen, an expensive face that is sought after by a series of high-end brands.
The ant waist is unbelievably small, Song Hye Kyo’s slim legs make people sick. There is no advantage of height but the body proportions of the beauty of Descendants of the Sun are really perfect.

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