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Spotted Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin wearing couple clothes to go shopping, like a married couple.

Today (July 27), the Chinese social network is noisy before the latest image of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. It is known that the two went shopping together at a sporting goods store. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin also wore matching outfits, making the duo’s fans even more excited. Although the photo of the couple Landing where he is quite blurry and taken from behind, it is not difficult to recognize Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. From their standing posture and charisma, the fans recognized them. What’s more, the couple is wearing golf toys, so it’s possible that they both go golfing together and stop by the store to buy things.

Since it’s been a long time since Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s joint photo has been shared, fans are especially interested. Many comments praise the two beautiful couple even hope they soon return to the same house. Many fans recalled the image of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin being seen going to a supermarket in the US 2 years ago. At that time, the couple had not yet admitted to dating. However, their appearance then and now are almost identical. It is known that golf is a charming sport for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Son Ye Jin once revealed that when she was 20 years old, she did not like playing golf, but 3 years ago she became interested in it. Many people believe that this is also Son Ye Jin’s hint that she and Hyun Bin have been dating since 2018. Recently, the media has speculated that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are about to get married. There is no official statement on this matter. However, there is a lot of evidence to confirm that the actor Landing where he bought a new house made him suspicious of buying a wedding room. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin also debuted her lover with family and close friends, so their marriage is more grounded. However, the fact that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are married or not still has to wait for the answer

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