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Lee Min Ho-Kim Go Eun is predicted netizens to be the couple that was revealed to be dating 01/01/2022 by Dispatch

After co-starring actress Kim Go Eun in the TV series “The King: Eternal Monarch”, many dating rumours and hints of the two receiving, even in a poll on which couple will be revealed by Dispatch to date on January 1st every year, Lee Min Ho – Kim Go Eun received the highest number of votes. Why do netizens so enthusiastically predict this couple?

1. Behind the scenes is more “sweet” than in the movies.
In the behind-the-scenes videos, Lee Min Ho is closer and more affectionate with Kim Go Eun than in the official scene. He was not afraid to tease and hug his co-star even though he cut the scene. It is rare to see Lee Min Ho act intimately with his female co-star like Kim Go Eun. The audience even had to say, “Just by looking at his eyes, you can tell that Lee Min Ho likes Kim Go Eun very much”. In particular, Kim Go Eun is the only girl ever to appear on Lee Min Ho’s Instagram, after the actor’s biological mother. Ex-girlfriends like Park Min Young, Suzy or female colleagues like Jeon Ji Hyun and Park Shin Hye have never appeared on his page. Fans also hinted that both of them were wearing a couple of shirts.
2. Kim Go Eun is a girl with unique charm.
Emerging after Goblin, Kim Go Eun caused controversy because of her strange beauty. The actress owns monolid eyes, a petite figure and a sunny smile. She always exudes bright energy. The more she looks, the more attractive she becomes.Many people think that she is very suitable for the model of a girlfriend who does not need to be too tall, has a light, mature, lovely, and sometimes clumsy skin that Lee Min Ho once shared in an interview in August/ 2021.
Another reason why people want Lee Min Ho to go public quickly because the actor is 34 years old. The audience, especially the fans, always look forward to the magnificent wedding of the man who once made the sisters “infatuated”, especially when it seems that he has found the “true love” of his life.

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