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Red Velvet with short hair: The one who caused a storm on social networks, the one who lost her beauty points

Each of Red Velvet’s beauties has a distinctly impressive visual. Some people are mature and loving. Others are pure and sweet… Each person has a look that forms a combination of famous beauty in Kbiz. So if you compare these beauties with short hair, who will be more impressive?

1. Joy
Joy inherently has a beauty that tends to be bright, brilliant, and sweet like summer fruit. Her beauty also significantly changes when she has short and long hair. When she has long hair, Joy feels a bit mature and luxurious. She feels innocent and pure when she has short hair, like a schoolgirl. Joy is still pretty no matter how she wears her hair, but obviously, short hair has created a more apparent age-hacking effect.2. Irene
Being the visual peak in Red Velvet and Kbiz, Irene has never once tried short hair.
This is a pity because, through the edited photos of fans, it can be seen that her visual is highly suitable for short hair. When she has short hair, Irene can transform as diverse as long hair: Sometimes personality, impression; while naive and innocent. Therefore, many fans hope that Irene can cut her hair short once.3. Seulgi
Seulgi is not really suitable for short hair. The female idol has a rather round face and chubby cheeks, so long hair will create a softer, more compact face. In contrast, with short hair, if she doesn’t choose the style wisely, she will reveal a square face with a lack of soft lines. For Seulgi, if she wants to keep her hair short, she should consider gently curled hairstyles to make her face look more delicate. Through the fan’s edited image, it can be seen that curly hair will suit her visual better than straight hair.4. Wendy
A short haircut is Wendy’s wise decision. Thanks to this haircut, her visual has risen to the top, creating a trend and making many young people rush to cut their hair. The short hair over the shoulder helps Wendy’s lines look more impressive and attractive. The short hairstyle also helps her look younger than long hair.5. Yeri
In contrast to the other sisters in the group, Yeri is more mature with short hair. Both short and long hairstyles are suitable for Yeri. However, her lines look prettier and cuter when she has long hair. And when she has short hair, she tends to be a little more loving and mature.

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