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Storms began to hit the main couple’s love story in episode 8 Now, We Are Breaking Up.


After the phone call at the end of the previous episode, the beginning of episode 8, Now, We Are Breaking Up, Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) and his mother talked one-on-one. Jae Guk’s mother, of course, wanted to prevent the youngest son from going to his eldest son’s ex-lover, but Jae Guk expressed a very drastic attitude. He wanted to be with Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) at all costs. Yoo Jung makes work difficult for Young Eun. Young Eun was then asked to go along with a male partner, but she flatly refused. However, in the end, thanks to Jae Guk’s help, Young Eun succeeded in convincing a partner from Paris.
Not only at work, but Jae Guk also helps Young Eun overcome the pain when Young Eun’s best friend stands at the door of death. Mi Sook’s health is getting weaker and weaker, but her husband is not aware of his wife’s illness and even harasses Mi Sook when he sees a messy house. Mi-Sook locked herself in the house, resulting in a critical condition. Fortunately, Young Eun was promptly discovered and taken to the hospital. Witnessing Mi Sook’s condition, Young Eun was extremely heartbroken. This is when Jae Guk is with her, who comforts her. Yoo Jung once again met Young Eun privately. This time, Young Eun was even more determined to be with Jae Guk. After that conversation, Young Eun went straight to Jae Guk and suddenly kissed her lover in the middle of a crowd. Although he did not understand why his girlfriend did this, Jae Guk also hugged Young Eun a happy hug after that.
The episode ends when Jae Guk’s mother contacts Young Eun to talk about Soo Wan. It seems that this is when the real storm comes with the love story of the sisters.



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