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Son Ye-Jin Makes Surprise Visit and Generous Donation to Children’s Center.

South Korean actress Son Ye-Jin’s compassion shone brightly during her recent visit to a children’s care center. Not only did she spend a significant amount of time interacting with those in need, but she also made a substantial donation to support their well-being.

This marked Son Ye-Jin’s second visit to the facility. She dedicated an impressive two and a half hours to engaging with various groups, including elderly patients battling critical illnesses, single mothers, and children with autism. Her visit extended to the center’s baby boxes, where she interacted with the sheltered infants and had heartfelt conversations with the dedicated volunteers who care for them.

Following her visit, Son Ye-Jin’s generosity continued. She made a significant undisclosed donation, estimated to be around $2,550 USD. This act of kindness comes on the heels of a previous $15,000 USD donation the actress, along with her husband Hyun Bin, made to the Asan Medical Center to support children in need.

Son Ye-Jin’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond this recent visit. Reports indicate she has a long history of supporting underprivileged children. Previous contributions include a 100 million Won donation to the Daegu Community Chest of Korea, specifically designated for children seeking medical treatment and assistance towards independent living upon leaving childcare facilities.

The manager of the children’s center expressed his surprise and immense gratitude for Son Ye-Jin’s unexpected visit and generosity. He stated, “We never anticipated that Son Ye-Jin would personally visit. Her unexpected generosity is truly heartwarming, and we are sincerely grateful.”

According to Son Ye-Jin’s agency, the actress has a deep commitment to helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She has a history of supporting children with disabilities or difficult-to-treat illnesses from low-income families.

While Son Ye-Jin initially preferred to keep her donation private, her agency ultimately decided to share the news to highlight her actions. They emphasized her sincerity and dedication to supporting a cause that often operates outside the realm of government assistance, describing her path as “remote and challenging.”

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