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Son Ye-jin Shines Like a Fairy on her Triumphant Return to Taiwan After 25 Years


South Korean actress Son Ye-jin graced Taiwan with her presence for the first time in 25 years since her debut. The occasion? An event promoting a beauty drink brand she has been endorsing for three years. Dressed in a charming pink attire exuding a fairy-like aura, Son Ye-jin greeted the audience with her signature warmth, stating, “Hello everyone, I am Son Ye-jin.”

Expressing her excitement about visiting Taiwan for the first time, Son Ye-jin shared her initial impressions, “On the way from the airport, I saw the scenery and felt it was similar to South Korea, and I felt close to it. What I’m most looking forward to now is eating xiaolongbao at night.” She also expressed her desire to explore Jiufen, a street famous for its sky lanterns.

Known affectionately as “Son Sun” by her fans, Son Ye-jin chuckled, remarking, “I am really an ordinary person. I often hear (Son Sun) and I feel shy.” Despite her ethereal beauty often portrayed in advertisements, she humbly acknowledged the passage of time, vowing to continue working hard to maintain her enchanting appearance.

Emphasizing the importance of inner and outer beauty, Son Ye-jin stated, “The two must be integrated into one to show the true beauty. For me, not only outer beauty, but also inner beauty is what I have been working on.” She attributed maintaining a youthful appearance to a positive mindset, quipping, “If you can freeze your age without working hard, please tell me.”

Acknowledging the challenges of balancing her career with motherhood, Son Ye-jin confessed, “After all, I have started a family and have family here, so I spend most of my time with my family.” Despite the time constraints, she cherishes moments for herself, indulging in activities like watching TV series and meditating.

Revealing her skincare secrets, Son Ye-jin emphasized the importance of temperature control and hydration. She humorously hinted at sharing skincare tips with her family members, including her rumored beau, Hyun Bin.

Looking ahead, Son Ye-jin expressed her aspiration to portray roles embodying maternal love. She also expressed her desire to explore Taiwan further with her family in the future, beyond work commitments.

Grateful for the warm welcome from Taiwanese fans and the event organizers, Son Ye-jin pledged to maintain her best condition as an actor in the future, leaving her mark both on and off the screen.



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