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Song Hye Kyo shows off her unbelievably youthful beauty at the age 40

Recently, Song Hye Kyo shared on her personal page some pictures during a photo shoot for the brand she represented as a model. In the photo, the beauty makeup is quite gentle, much younger than her 40s. Korean media also did not regret praising Song Hye Kyo’s beauty.

MK newspaper emphasized: “Song Hye Kyo’s white jade-like skin makes it difficult to determine the real age”. And Sports Seoul did not spare to praise, “Song Hye Kyo in the photo exudes an aura comparable to a model with her perfect proportions and posture.

In particular, she showed very urban charm very soulful”. Song Hye Kyo’s fans also praised the beauty of the Song family, but many people “laughed” when they saw that the photographer favored her with long legs that were different from real life.

g Song Hye Kyo is very beautiful but her long legs are not her”; “Haha, they lengthened her legs with photoshop”… some netizens commented on Song Hye Kyo’s picture.

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