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Spoilers 8: Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon are faced with a wildfire in tvN’s “Jirisan”

In the past, Kang Hyun Jo discovered an unidentified banner inside a warehouse in the mountains, after having an image of the forest burning. The door was suddenly locked and a man wearing black gloves set off the fire. In addition the children were waiting for their mom to return to the top of the mountain which caused Kang Hyun Jo to grow more distraught.

A brand new photo depicts Kang Hyun Jo desperately calling for help via a small fragment of the wall, as well as the surrounding fire and his sad face, making the viewers more concerned about the current situation.

In the meantime, Seo Yi Kang had been heading for Kang Hyun Jo as the fire broke out, prompting her to quickly alert other rangers. Since she was already in the mountains and was not wearing any protective clothing and is at risk of being hurt by the fire. But her resolve to save others seems to be more intense than the flame as she stands steadfastly in the midst of burning flames.

In another scene she is looking worried at a person, asking concerns about whether she’ll be able to take the kids as well as Kang Hyun Jo to safety.

The sun is rising on a fresh day and face of rangers appear tired and shabby. Jo Dae Jin ( Sung Dong Il) is looking absent-mindedly to the distant horizon exhausted from the battle. Park Il Hae ( Jo Han Chul) is lying on the ground and Jung Goo Young ( Oh Jung Se) exhales breathlessly. Interestingly, Seo Yi Kang and Kang Hyun Jo are nowhere to be seen.

The production team of the drama said, “This episode will be a meaningful one as it follows the deepening mystery and how the rangers risk their lives to carry out a rescue operation in the midst of a powerful forest fire.”

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