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The audience expressed frustration about Song Hye Kyo’s acting and the salary she received for each episode

Recently, according to Korean media, Song Hye Kyo is the highest paid female artist in Korea with about 200 million won/episode.

However, after this information was announced, the audience, especially the Korean public, were not satisfied because they thought that with her strength, the female lead of the movie “Now, we are breaking up” did not deserve to be treated. receive such a great salary.

According to Korean media, Song Hye Kyo received 200 million won/episode when she acted in “Now, We are breaking up” but her acting was completely lackluster.

On film forums, the audience expressed their frustrations about Song Hye Kyo’s acting, according to which many people think that Song Hye Kyo’s voice is like a recitation.

Moreover, throughout her acting career, Song Hye Kyo has always been in romantic dramas and paired with younger male co-stars. She often chooses to play the role of a beautiful female lead, but her love life is difficult. This is the type of character she has shown many times on screen.

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