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Top 4 Korean actors who performed the ultimate crying scene. - Toplistkdrama
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Top 4 Korean actors who performed the ultimate crying scene.

Crying is a skill that actors must have, but not everyone can do it well. Some people cry indifferently, others can’t control their faces, causing themselves to be drowned when filming a crying scene. Of course, the 4 beauties below do not belong to both of the above cases because they cry very well and most importantly, very beautiful.

1. Song Hye Kyo.

Filming for more than 20 years, Song Hye Kyo has always been a controversial name in terms of acting because the roles she chooses to play are often too safe, a color that does not help her show her full potential. However, it cannot be denied that Song Hye Kyo is excellent at acting in tearful scenes. Whenever Song Hye Kyo plays a crying scene, her facial expression may not change much, but the audience sees the actress’s hands and body shaking.2. Son Ye Jin

As an actress who specializes in romantic love movies, Son Ye Jin’s crying on screen is like a daily routine. Crying a lot, but the audience did not feel uncomfortable because her acting was very impressive, touching and honest. And more importantly, even though she cried until “the house flooded”, Son Ye Jin was still beautiful regardless.3. Park Bo Young.

Although it suits the cute, innocent, and somewhat childish image, it is undeniable that Park Bo Young performed the crying scene so “sweet” that it made the audience feel touched and heartbroken.4. Soo Ae.

It would be remiss to omit the tear queen Soo Ae in this list. It’s not natural that Soo Ae received the title of queen of tears, her crying scenes are so realistic that even a still photo is enough to give viewers goosebumps. So far, there are few beauties who can surpass Soo Ae in crying on screen.

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