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Blackpink and BTS: Who’s the hottest K-pop group on the new social network?

Recently, Blackpink officially joined the Weverse social networking platform. It is known that this is a Korean mobile application and website created by the Korean entertainment company HYBE Corporation. A social networking application that specializes in storing multimedia content and communicating between artists and fans.

However, despite joining this social network for the first time, Blackpink achieved good results in just over 8 hours. Specifically, the fastest K-pop artists to reach 1 million followers Weverse:

1. Blackpink (8 hours 43 minutes).

2. BTS (7 days).

3. Enhypen (21 days).

4. SEVENTEEN (120 days).

5. TXT (173 days).

6. Gfriend (538 days).

Based on this chart, it is easy to see that Blackpink’s charm is not small. Although, this is known as the social network of BTS’s “home ground”, but the Blackpink girls are still far ahead of the 7 boys in terms of time to reach 1 million followers.

This proves that Blackpink’s charm is not small. Although, recently, they have not had a breakthrough product, but many fans believe that in the near future, Blackpink will return to their right form.

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