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Lisa, Rosé and BLACKPINK had fun interacting with fans on the occasion of their 5th debut anniversary.

On August 8, 2021, BLACKPINK celebrates their 5th debut anniversary. The group opened an online livestream with fans to celebrate this milestone. At a time when Lisa is about to make a solo debut with her always hiding her hair, many people can’t help but focus their attention on the appearance of the Thai member at the livestream.
No longer covering anything, Lisa showed up with gray brown hair and 2 lovely “horns”. According to Lisa’s share, this is a sheep hairstyle. This cuteness will surely create a trend in the near future. In particular, this is the first time Lisa has revealed her hairstyle since filming the MV a few days ago. Maybe, this will also be one of the images appearing in Lisa’s solo MV.
The whole group together reviewed many old memories and had the most fun moments. The group was asked, “If you could go back to the past, what time would you like to go back to?”.

Rosé had a shocking answer: “Back into the womb”. Jisoo was so surprised that she exclaimed in English: “You remember?” (Remember?). Actually, what Rosé meant was that she wanted to live longer and be her mother’s child again.
Particularly, “good student” Lisa confided that she wanted to return to the time of preparing for monthly assessments when she was a trainee. This is the “horror” period for many idols. But for her with a full A Lisa, it was the most memorable and desirable moment to return.

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