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The dating photo Jungkook (BTS) and Rosé (BLACKPINK) suddenly went viral

BTS and BLACKPINK are the top 2 Kpop groups, so they also have an extremely large number of paired fans. Recently, the fact that V mistakenly followed Jennie on Instagram has caused many topics about the two groups to cause “fever” on Korean social networks.
Many fans believe that V and Jennie do not have much interaction, nor are they the enthusiastic “boats” of the BANGPINK shipper association.  

In fact, RoséKook is the “boat” that many “hybrid” shippers assign the most. Recently, a series of photos of two idols appeared to cause a stir on the Pann forum. Netizens were bewildered when witnessing the “peaceful love” moments of the two idols of BTS and BLACKPINK. What’s the truth here?
Of course, this is just a fanedit product, but still many netizens have to be “startled” by the “realistic” details in the photos. In the first photo, Jungkook and Rosé looked like they were walking on the street holding hands when they were accidentally caught by a fan and took a photo of them with their phone camera. The top level of photoshop makes the photo “soul”, “heartbreak” for many netizens.
Although seeing BTS and BLACKPINK side by side, “wrong wrong”, but netizens still nodded in recognition that Rosé – Jungkook is indeed a very beautiful couple! It is no coincidence that these two idols born in 1997 have such a large number of shippers. However, there were also comments saying that BTS and BLACKPINK were not familiar with each other, so the shipper association stopped imagining and speculating. The fandom of both sides also often causes war and tension, so many ARMYs and Blinks are annoyed when they see idols being associated with such “rivals”.

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